Under the surface of water, the rules of gravity are suspended.  Here, the very nature of our bodies seem to change once submerged.  


In this changing of the body into newfound freedom, there is likewise a freeing of the mind and release of inhibitions.  A changing of the inside by changing the outside.  This freeing of the spirit and unpredictable spontaneity that is a joy to behold.  The swimmers know I am there, but they quickly become mesmerized by their newfound fluidity and forget themselves into the depths.

Along Coastal Louisiana and Mississippi, post Hurricne Katrina and the BP oil spill, all our water sources have taken on new significance.  First, Katrina destroyed homes and adjacent pools.  Then, BP poisioned our beloved Gulf of Mexico.  Watching children at play in newly minted public or private pools -- we realize that things are becoming  'normal' again.  We've waited a long time to feel this way.

There is always something beneath what we percieve on the surface.  We just aren't always given the opportunity to see what it is.