I am a native Texan who claimed South Mississippi as my home in the early 80’s, after receiving a B.S. in Business from LouisianState University. I had a successful career in Banking and departed that industry in 2004.

As a licensed commercial pilot, I have worked in aerial and commercial photography throughout the Gulf Coast Region. A day came when I realized that I should use my skills and resources to reveal the precious and fragile beauty that surrounds us here in this Coastal Region. In the Fall of 2015, the Ohr-Okeefe Museum hosted a solo show of this work entitled, "Home Waters". 

My other passion lies with my family, and much of my work is centered therein.  The joys and trials of childhood are a recurring theme.  Hence my portfolio, "Beneath the Surface", and the current work "Inside the Box" which is still in progress.

I have studied fine art printing under George DeWolfe, a student of Ansel Adams and Minor White. I also studied creative photographic imagery with Keith Carter.

Additionally, I have studied Platinum Palladium printing at Bostick & Sullivan in Santa Fe, and screen printing at Flatbed Press in Austin.

I live on Biloxi Bay with my 9-year old son, Breton, and my husband, Reed, and a collection of beautiful cats and a Quaker parakeet named Peppy.